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Here at Data Network Technologies we take your search engine rankings very seriously. It is our job the fine the best solutions for your business and to apply them quickly and proficiently. We follow a number of steps to help you get the top rankings:

  • Determine your current web presence and that of your competitors.
  • Generate a multiple listing plan relevant to your business.
  • Submit your business information the various Directories and Search Engines.
  • Analize the listing results and adjust our game plan as required.

Since 2012, Data Network Technologies has helped over 1,200 customers like you rank higher on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. We use Search Engine Submission techniques to build backlinks and identify valuable key phrases. We will help you achieve the highest possible rankings in the shortest amount of time.


Our first priority to determine not only where your business appears on the internet, but where it doesn't. Understanding where you are and who your competition is of primary importance.


The next step is to use our initial determinaton to generate a targeted attack plan, targeting the products and services you provide and finding the best way to move you up the rankings.


Once the plan of implementation is determined, we implement it quickly by submitting your information to the directories and search engines your customers use most.

Determine Results

Finally, we analize the results to determine the upwards movement generated. If need be, our hard workers will repeat the process as required.

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