What we offer



Increasing traffic to your business should increase sales. Any campaign we start has this foremost in mind. We lay out a specific plan for your business in your area.



Next, taking our initial submission design, we develop it into a concrete plan to be taken to get your products and services to rank higher than your competitors.



Deploying the concrete plan is a very time intensive process. Knowing what directories and engines are looking for what is key. Submitting properly to each engine is vital.


Determine Results

Perhaps the most important phase is after-testing. Knowing what is getting you placed higher allows us to adjust the developed plan quickly. This is key to your success.

Working for you

We offer a combination of on-site optimization, directory and search engine submissions and massive link building efforts. Our Local SEO plan offers small businesses the ability to penetrate and dominate their local markets. We offer much more than our competitors. Our local clients are found in the Local Maps section of the major search engines

Our optimization techniques are highly tuned to the major search engines in the target market. The search engines' market shares vary from market to market, as does competition. Knowing how the different search engines process information helps us help you reach for the top.

Steps Involved

Search engine optimization usually isn't just a few taps on the keyboard or clicks of the mouse. There is an enormous amount of work that needs to be done on a consistent basis to achieve the results you want. Here at Data Network Technologies, that work begins, as any work should, with a solid plan.

To design that plan we start with the basics: What does your company provide people with, where are you located, what is your web presence currently. All of this and much much more effects the planning stage.

Next, the search engine optimization process is constructed, outlining the association’s planned advertising and outreach objectives. The Search Engine Optimization is attained by by submitting the information that people are looking to share to the seach engines in the way the search engines expect to recieve it.

It is our commitment to have this developed before the submission process is even started. Assuring that people will see the ad is as important as how it's worded.

Determining how to submit to each site, and the sheer amount of time involved make this the most important part of the process. Hours upon hours of time are spent making sure the right information goes to the right place.

The work that has been done in the development and planning stages allows us to make sure the right information goes to the right people. The alternative, sadly, would be the hours upon hours you spend here would be in waste.

Researching your placement, and the effect that the SEO has had on it is perhaps the hardest phase. At this point it is very important to track multiple pages over a number of weeks and even months, to determine the end results.

This tracking allows us to change the implementation plan as needed, letting us help you move up the rankings quickly and proficiently. With our solid planning and seemless intigration, the road to the top is much easier travelled.

The Process


On you, your business, and your current web presence.

Design and Develop

Next we plan out and develop a optimization strategy


The search engine submission process takes time, care and effort.

Determine Results

Researching the result and tuning the process if needed.